Nordic Track Exercise Bike

Keep your focus on your training. The gx 4.7 recumbent bike offers a back-supporting chair-like seat and in-handle controls that let you adjust your workout without taking your hands off the grips. A powerful self-adjusting fan cools you while a secure tablet holder lets you add your digital media for inspiration.

iFit Compatible — Travel While You Train with Google Maps
Cycle the Tour de France or map out your own route. Wherever you want to train, iFit will take you there. With the purchase of an iFit module, you can use your smart device to access Google Maps training routes from anywhere in the world.

5 inch Backlit Display — All Your Stats in One Place
Watch your progress on a 5-inch backlit display that shows your speed, time, distance, heart rate, and calories burned. iFit will use these stats to create custom workouts specifically for you. You can also track your workout on a virtual iFit racetrack.

22 Resistance Levels — Increase the Burn
Each resistance level increases the difficult of pedaling. By increasing resistance, you burn more calories and work specific muscles. When training on a Google Maps route, iFit will automatically adjust your resistance to match the terrain displayed on your device screen.

Ergonomic Pedals — Comfort for Your Feet
Keep your feet comfortable during your exercise with ergonomic pedals. Each pedal has an adjustable strap so every user can find their perfect fit.

Intermix Acoustic Sound System
Connect your device to the GX 4.7’s integrated sound system to hear your favorite workout playlist projected through dual two-inch speakers.

CardioGrip Heart Rate Monitor
Keep track of your heart rate while you train. Dual heart rate sensors are built into the console to help you stay in the right zone for your fitness goals.

CoolAire Fan
An intense cardio workout can generate a lot of heat and sweat. Stay cool with a workout fan built directly into the GX 4.7 console.

Water Bottle Holder
Hydration is an important part of fitness. A built-in water bottle holder keeps your water within reach so you can stay properly hydrated during your training.

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