Desk Exercise Titan Fitness Cycling Adjustable Standing

The Titan Fitness cycling exercise desk is excellent for working or reading and exercising at the same time! It has a large desk surface so you can look at multiple documents and be extra productive while you’re burning calories. You can set items on and place pens/pencils inside the desktop ridged area, which swivels for working at 3 different angles. The adjustable desk and seat height makes it easy for people of all sizes to use, and is easily converted to a standing desk. The pedal resistance knob gives you the ability to step up the challenge and burn more calories. If you want to move it, simply pull forward to roll it using the accompanying wheels.

Quiet: Motion of the pedals is silent; easy to adjust and move around without making noise.
Practical: Easily converts from a cycling desk to a standing desk. The large cushioned seat is comfortable and positioned to improve your posture.
Easy to Setup and Adjust: Adjust the seat height, desk height and desk angle by turning a few knobs. Equipment included.
Durable: Sturdy material can withstand a strenuous workout and being moved around from room to room. 300 lb capacity weight capacity on the chair and 75 lb capacity on the extra-large desk surface.
Benefits: Improve your health and be productive at the same time! Use it as a standing desk or sit and pedal to burn calories and increase your heart rate.